Kids Curriculum

We are currently writing 12 months of Kid Structure children’s curriculum for weekly children’s ministry teaching. This curriculum is specialized to one topic/person or theme per month.  (Mix and Match ) This is a unique curriculum because it is developed with the teacher in mind.

Many churches in the more remote regions experience people coming to Christ, and then in 3 weeks they are expected to teach the children like they know everything.  In the Kid Structure curriculum there are different levels of Bible stories, and none of them water down the truth of the word!  The coordinator over the children’s program has at least 5 options/levels to assign to the different teachers to help build their faith and knowledge, and to be the most effective teachers possible.

The Curriculum Includes:

  • Overview of lessons and teacher instructions
  • Teacher training and Bible background with scripture and facts
  • 5 applications for Bible story teachings
  • Ideas and instructions on creating simple visuals
  • 5-10 Object lessons
  • 5 games
  • 5 crafts
  • 5 offering lessons
  • RLA’s  Real Life Applications for children – How to apply what they are learning from the Bible to what is going on in their life right now.
  • Salvation altar call examples relating to topic and RLA
  • Healing altar call examples with faith confessions and Bible scriptures to stand on (repetition)